Organisations increasingly see interim managers as part of their overall recruitment strategy. An expert interim manager can be more independent and objective and may find it easier than a permanent employee to make certain decisions.

We aim to interpret your business needs through clarifying the role and identifying any transferable skills the right candidate should bring to your business.

We find that interim managers can offer more value if they are more qualified than the equivalent full time employee. Their skills in understanding your business and role context must be exact.

We believe that the best results come from those managers who have decided to make interim management a career choice rather than those managers who are in between roles.

Carol did a short term executive appointment as Business Operations manager during a major restructuring of my business where her remit was to reinstate operational excellence and recruit an operational manager.

Her top three attributes during her tenure in my opinion,

1. attention to detail,

2. clarity of purpose,

3. delivery of objectives,

I give her an unreserved recommendation for a similar appointment.

Kriss Akabusi